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CloseCross is fundamentally changing the value curve of the global derivatives industry. The current derivatives structures, setup and processes are all reminiscent of the nascent market put in place in 1929. Technology has been applied on optimizations and efficiency gains. There have been no significant steps to rethink the derivatives markets from the ground up. Fortunately, new ventures bringing derivative trading into the Blockchain arena are optimizing while perpetuating the legacy structures and processes.

The fundamental questions CloseCross posits are: Is there still a place for the centralized derivatives issuer that essentially arbitrage information asymmetries and drive pricing optimizations in the back-end?

Is there a way we can fundamentally improve the user experience of trading derivatives and participating in financial prediction markets? The answer is YES. And this is exactly what we at CloseCross are doing. CloseCross is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, derivative trading platform that is fully transparent (designed into its derivative valuation algorithm). The distributed-ledger (blockchain) and smart-contracts technologies, together with a patented revolutionary valuation algorithm, allow us to create a massive, online, peer-to-peer platform for participants to directly exchange value without the need for any facilitation of a centralized party.

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While other industries and startups are expensive, complex, centralised and have unquantifiable risks, CloseCross gives you a cheaper, transparent, simpler and safer way to bet on the financial markets

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