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It's not easy learning the extensive terminology and processes needed for placing successful trades. Even those of us who have experience trading still find some terms and procedures confusing.

This causes all sorts of risk and has a direct impact on our ability to participate in the lucrative financial trading world. Ask yourself if you would be comfortable trading using processes and terms that are purposefully complex. If the answer is no, then you are much like the 98% of people in the world who cannot get involved in financial market trading with the complexities being one of the largest reasons.

CloseCross has set out to break the barriers and create a fair, intuituve and easy to understand platform which will directly result in allowing more people to get involved in financial trading.

We have taken away as much jargon as possible and replaced it with language that you can understand as well as simplifying the processes involved, to allow you to do what you are good at..... speculating financial asset price movements.

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