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Solving the key problems with traditional trading markets

CloseCross is the global backbone for decentralized Multi-party trading. Opening and expanding the massive derivatives market to the public in way of predicting on market movements. Easy access to a peer-to-peer derivative trading platform. No need for deep financial knowledge. A cost effective solution to traditional trading. No unquantified risk. No leverage. No house.

Trading in the traditional derivatives market has its limitations and carries its own risk. Large institutions manage this risk by hoarding data for themselves and reacting accordingly. For example, if you were to predict that the price of GOLD will go up and you then bought in a contract with a central party (broker/bank/trading body), this transaction will not be made aparent to anyone but yourself and the central party.

It is in the interest of that central party to ensure they balance the issued contracts evenly between Calls and Puts. The reason they must do this is in case there are too many derivative contracts in one direction and the market moves in favour of the contract buyers, the contract issuers will have to pay out against those contracts and will therefore loose a lot of money.

If you knew that the majority of people thought that GOLD was on the rise, would that influence you to consider placing a call option?

At CloseCross we don't need to worry about balancing contracts for the simple reason that we have multi party contracts (many-to-many) rather than the 1-to-1 issued by central parties. For this reason, we can give you the knowledge of what other people have predicted.

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