How does a Multi-Party setup benefit you?

Decentralisation is the future

Neutral multi-party settlement

Democratic payoffs determine your ROI

Direct multi-party setup allows elimination of unquantified risks and fixed costs     

Eliminating unquantified risks while maximising potential profit

Eliminating unquantified risk by enabling users to participate in trades with multiple counterparties, rather than just one, could transform the entire financial landscape as we know it. In the future, all market participants will enter a single multi-party contract that drives a common settlement mechanism for all participants in an autonomous manner.

Counterparties to the trade will be able to simultaneously take different positions, predicting different prices ranges for the asset in question. This will create the potential for much higher returns, while risk remains fixed to the initial stake and users will not be exposed to the risk of losing more than they put in.

This would mean a paradigm shift because the markets just moved to 1-to-many or many-to-many in a direct setting without any centralized party acting as a point of value redistribution and information arbitrage. This can bring unprecedented benefits to the market participants. Eliminating leverage in this format is the single biggest gain while still allowing for potentially unlimited returns.

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