Blockchain based Financial Derivatives Platform.

Make amazing returns without taking on leverage.

Simple 3 Step Process - Select, Predict & Win!

Blockchain based Financial Derivatives Platform


Select a market from stocks, indexes, crypto, fiat or commodities


Predict where the price will be when the outcome is reached


Generate amazing returns without taking on any leverage

Products may vary depending on your jurisdiction

Whatever your trading experience, expert or newcomer, our intuitive platform is designed to bring you the best experience

Online Platform Features

Rewards Multiplier

The earlier you place your prediction, the higher your reward.
We have taken the concept of financial trading to the next level by introducing the rewards multiplier. It works on the basis that the earlier you place your prediction, the less knowledge you have of what the outcome will be, so naturally you should be rewarded accordingly.

Your winnings are determined by how much is in the pot, how many other winners there are and what your rewards multiplier was.

You can only control one of those so get in there early.


Simplicity is the key to success
We have simplified the chart and present you with the most crucial information that you need to make your prediction and win big.

On top of the price chart, we display the time that the Prediction Floor started, as well as the closing and outcome times. Remember, as soon as the Prediction floor reaches the closing time, that means no more bets.


Know what predictions you have placed and their results
We give you a receipt for every prediction you place on the platform so you know what you have traded on, when and how much you have put down.

When the outcome value has been settled, your trade receipt now becomes a results receipt giving you the profit or loss.

Crowd Wisdom

We pride ourselves in being fully transparent with you.
See what the crowd are predicting at all times. You can choose where to put your prediction based on which bracket has the highest or lowest amount of money against it or where the most or least number of predictions have been placed.

You can go against the crowd for a potentially higher return or go with the crowd for perhaps a safer bet.

Remember, the choice is yours, use the information to benefit yourself.

Outcomr Options

We give you the finite options, so there can be no other option
Everything in this world can be represented by finite possibilities. We have found the way to do this and present you with the finite number of options.

None of the options overlap the other, so you know that only one of those will always be the correct outcome.

Place as little or as much as you feel comfortable with.

What will you predict?