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Make money on crypto assets without needing to buy them - No more being excluded

Make money without needing to buy any Bitcoin. Easy to understand and no exposure to leverage.

It’s true that some countries do not allow their residents / citizens to partake in the owning or CFD trading of cryptocurrencies. There are various reasons for this but the largest probably being that cryptocurrencies are unregulated by any central party and pose a threat to the economy of that country.

As unfair as this may seem, its important you respect and abide by the local laws of your country and do not partake in any illegal activities.

CloseCross sits outside of this rule in any and all jurisdictions.

We allow you to get involved in the dynamic and exciting world of cryptocurrencies without purchasing any phsical assets and without taking on any CFD contracts.

CloseCross allows you, the user, to predict on the future price of a given asset and by doing this you can benefit from the crytocurrency fluctuations without the worry of conducting any illegal activity.

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