Decentralised Financial Market Prediction Platform

About CloseCross

CloseCross is the global backbone for blockchain based decentralized Multi-party trading. A unique online platform opening and expanding the massive global derivatives market to the public in way of predicting on market movements. CloseCross provides easy access to a peer-to-peer derivative trading platform.

Delivering a unique experience with the latest and most innovative way to trade on the financial markets. We remove the complexities and jargon so you can compete with the professionals.

Everyone has an opinion on global and national economies, stock markets, exchange rates and for that matter anything that has financial value. Everyone also enjoys making predictions based on their knowledge of subject, experience and opinion.

CloseCross makes it easy to monetise your opinions and predictive capabilities.

No need for deep financial knowledge. A cost-effective alternative to traditional trading in futures, options and derivatives.

No unquantified risk. No leverage. No house.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate the need for long value-chains and establish people-only markets and platforms, thereby driving more power to the people and eliminating any imbalances of power and information that are normally seen in centralized markets.

We want you to feel empowered and included.

Our Values

thought leadership at CloseCross

Thought Leadership
We are an industry leader as well as innovators of a highly sought upon market. We want to ensure we keep evolving and innovating to bring you the best service that we can.

trust CloseCross blockchain

We want you to trust us the way we trust you. Thats why we have built our platform on the Ethereum blockchain where all transactions are transparent. We pride ourselves on being open with you.

player focus

Player Focus
Our focus is on you. What you want and what you say is important to us. We can only serve you the best way possible if we listen and act. We want to bring the power to the people.

safe gambling

Safe gambling
We always aim to consistently practice ethical business conduct, corporate social responsibility and 100% responsible trading.

The Team

Our team is spread globally and we select the best in-class to ensure we deliver the best service possible to our users.

CloseCross Team map