CloseCross a fully decentralized market prediction platform

Democratizing financial markets to the public.
A multi-party trading platform powered by our patented Decentralized Ledger Technology.
Simple 3-step process allows users to view and trade on different benchmarks and events.

MULTI-PARTY, DIRECT MODEL We remove the layers of intermediaries and enable direct interactions between market participants. There are no fixed costs involved.
Transparent and fair reward The first-ever, patented algorithm that adjusts the reward to the risk you take. Commit early and receive a higher reward.
Designed for anyone, anywhere Don't worry if you don’t understand financial jargon or complex contracts, simply predict the outcome for a benchmark or event and commit whatever amount you like.
Eliminating unquantified risks Now there is no longer the risk of losing more money than you invested (e.g. you buy a put and stock goes up). Your risk is capped at the amount you commit.

How it works

Observe the crowd
Find out what predictions are being made in the market in real-time, through collated crowd wisdom from investors around the world.

Choose your market and price bracket
From commodities to crypto, simply pick your benchmark, time horizon and price range. There’s no minimum spend, so you can commit as much, or as little, as you want.

Our decentralized ledger technology gets to work
Once the time period is finished, our smart contract technology automatically calculates the payoffs owed.

Claim your earnings
Check out your receipts for verification of the trade and redeem your rewards to your private wallet.

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Key Team Members

Vaibhav Kadikar

Founder and CEO

Innovator in the decentralization and democratization space – wrote the Close Cross paper in 2008 and received patent from USA in 2011 – continues to build the IP portfolio in the space. Over 15 years of successful business delivery experience in Corporate and Start-up environment.

Marcin Zduniak


CloseCross platform architect and blockchain development team lead. Blockchain and smart contract guru that most recently ran his own practice helping start-ups in fintech space e.g. Early leader in the blockchain space since 2014. Previously worked on payment processors and complex integrations for gaming sector in Gibraltar and Malta.

Hitesh Varma


IT Engineer with 10+ years experience in IT Infrastructure, Systems and IT Security

Laura Westby

General Counsel

Internationally savvy lawyer and business executive with over 20 years’ experience in commercial arrangements, strategic counsel and business, with proven ability to deliver results in various complex, challenging, and dynamic environments

Marcelo Morgado

FS Blockchain Dev

Full-stack developer with 5+ years of experience, sysadmin with 10+ years of experience, participated in and lead software development projects. Solid technology background. Cryptocurrencies/decentralization and open-source enthusiast.

Edward Grech

Blockchain Dev

Software developer with 18 years of professional experience spanning across embedded systems programming, signal processing, desktop, mobile, web and blockchain application architecture and development.

Devashish Tomar

Blockchain Dev

Blockchain Engineer having more than 2 years of experience & specialized on Ethereum & Bitcoin. Have 2 years of experience on Backend Development. Deeply interested and involved in Cryptography, FOSS & Decentralization.

Sergey Zhukov


Software Engineer with more than 11 years of mobile development experience. Co-founder of several tech companies from all across the globe. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.

William Riancho


Originally self-taught developer, William has now more than ten years of experience working on websites, mobile apps and other various apps.

Victor Olowe


Software Engineer with over 3 years of experience designing and building mobile applications. AR enthusiast

Mariana Kurakova

Business Analyst

Strong believer in new fintech and blockchain technologies perspectives.Passionate about converting business needs into actionable and convenient requirements for the development team.

Svetlana Senko

Marketing Lead

Blockchain enthusiast since 2013. Passionate about working with start ups and overseeing brand identity, social media and content strategy. Svetlana brings creative content marketing expertise, to create a great brand experience for customers.

Tanvi Shah

Web Lead

Electronics Engineer with 19+ years IT industry experience in Software and Web systems development.

Advisory Team Members

Subhash Thakrar

Chartered accountant

Chartered accountant and former Managing Partner Blackstone Franks LLP. Past Chairman of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Shahar Larry

Storytelling Lead

Innovation and strategy expert. Founder of Tinker - Manage Disruption. Leading BizDev. Teaches Disruption Management as a visiting Faculty at INSEAD and CESA

Patrick Schilz

Network Advisor

Investor & long-term HODLer. Leverages his coin portfolio and global network of crypto pundits.

Chris Burns

Talent Advisor

Partner, Sinclair Fox. Specialist in talent strategy, acquisition and management within disruptive technologies.


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